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Best Value Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are one of, if not the most popular way to invest in bullion. There are many different types including Britannia's, Dollars (Eagle's), Kookaburra's and more. We are always the lowest price when selling silver rounds and sometimes struggle to keep them in stock. We have a minimum order amount of 4 coins due to our low selling cost.


If you are interested in investing in some silver rounds today please send us an email or ring to check current price and stock. 

Silver Bars

We sell various Silver Bars. They can range from 500g to 5kg, with 1kg bars being the most common type we have in stock. Please send us an email or give us a call to check our current stock levels.

silver bars.jpg

Have Silver to sell?

We buy silver in whatever format you have it in. We pay the highest prices and almost never loose a deal. We are interested in anything from silver pots, plates, coins, bars, cutlery, jewellery and even things like photographic silver! Give us a shout today! 

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