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Here at Chester Gold Centre we don't just buy gold for the best prices, we sell it to! Don't waste your precious time or money at big high street shops selling jewellery for 5 x (or more) its actual value , come and view our large fast moving stock, But be quick , we are buying and selling all the time so stock doesn't tend to last long. 

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How can we offer such good prices?

It's easy! We don't operate from a high street shop. We have a warehouse with front office where we run a separate mail order company (Silver Acre Comics which has over 165,000 positive reviews).

In there we also welcome customers from all far and wide with Old jewellery / bullion / collectibles they want to sell. We then list the Jewellery we have onto Facebook marketplace  so there are no fees for us or the customer. If there is an item you see on our Marketplace shop that you like then you are more than welcome to send us a message and to sort a convenient time to come and view and hopefully purchase the item(s). Please note we do not keep items onsite so you will need to pre-arrange a time with us.

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