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Gold Coins For Sale

Gold sovereign coins

Best Value Full Gold Sovereigns

The sovereign is a 22-carat gold British coin having a face value of one pound sterling (£1). It has been struck since 1817 and was once a recognised circulating coin in Britain and other countries. Currently, it is a bullion coin that is occasionally set in jewellery. The reverse has featured the artwork of Saint George and the Dragon in the majority of recent years; to the right of the date are the designer Benedetto Pistrucci's initials (B P).

Best Value Half Sovereign

The British gold coin known as the half sovereign is valued at half a pound sterling. It was first released in its current form in 1817, and since 1980, the Royal Mint has struck it as a collector's and bullion piece. Made with 22 carat gold.

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Best Value Gold Britannia

Britannia coins are British bullion coins that have been produced in platinum since 2018, silver since 1997, and gold since 1987 by the Royal Mint. The obverse of the coin designs showcases an effigy of the monarch with the legend surrounding it, while the reverse has many representations of Britannia, a feminine personification of the United Kingdom. The Gold Britannia is made from 22 carat gold. 

We often have full, half and quarter Britannia's in stock so whatever you are after, hopefully we can sort it out.

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