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Metal Analysis

Have you got some old jewellery but your not quite sure what is made of? Do you have off cuts of metal from work or previous jobs that you want testing? Do you have old coin collections or accumulations and your not sure if any are silver or gold? Give our metal Analyst a shout!


We Specialise in testing different metals and will almost certainly make you an offer if you have...

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Platinum

  • And most other precious metals

If we do purchase your items then there is no charge for using the XRF Gun if its needed, however there is a small fee for the use of the equipment if you just want items analysing for personal use. 

We also use a Sigma Metalytics PMV (Precious Metal Verifier) for coins and bars. This is a great machine and scans the whole way through the metal to verify its carat and authenticity. We can check anything with this from a 1/10th Krugerrand all the way up to a 5kg silver bar.


Need items testing?
Give us a shout!

Sally Gosnell

" I responded to an ad I saw and contacted Silverware, Dan was very helpful and sent out a pack for me to send my items for valuation. The service was speedy, efficient and I had a valuation in under a day. I agreed the amount and the funds were transferred into my account within five minutes "

Stuart Bradford

" Visited the Chester Gold Centre yesterday and dealt with Darryl. Found him to be very likeable, pleasant and very fair. I was more than happy with the transaction we made. Will definitely be visiting him again, soon! "

Nia Williams

" I took a mixture of gold and silver jewellery with a selection of forks and spoons to sell. Really pleased with the amount of money received. I highly recommend Chester Gold Centre - they are such a friendly and fair service!!"
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